Saturday, July 13, 2013

June Splendies Review

When I was contacted by Volupties to do a review, I was excited and bummed at the same time. Excited since there was now a Lingerie box for plus-size women but a bit bummed since I'm not actually plus-size and it seemed worthless to do a review for a box I couldn't actually use! I hoped to get the info out there about Volupties but it's hard without doing a review. Surprise, surprise! Volupties had a sister company Splendies that catered to sizes S-XL. AKA these two companies have pretty much EVERY base covered! Awesome. Check it out!

Type: Lingerie Box
Cost: $12/month includes shipping
International: No
What is it?: From their site: "Splendies is the easiest way to receive a surprise package of quality undies delivered to your door every month. Just choose your size and we'll do the rest. You'll receive your first shipment within days of your order. Change your size any time and cancel anytime as well." You can change your subscription size easily an shipping is always free. Use code SPLENDIES to get your first box for $8.

Just cause, here's Volupties info too!

Type: Lingerie Box
Cost: $17/month
International: No
What is it?: Splendies Plus-Size sister box is offering plus-size women the kind of subscription service they have been missing! Each month you will receive quality undies shipped right to your door. Choose how many a month you want and your size and the rest is up done by Volupties! Use code VOLUPTIES to save $5 off your first month.

The "box," I love getting envelopes since it's less waste! This shipped SUPER fast btw!

I loved how everything was packaged!

Blue/Pink Lacy Cheeky: This is super cute. I'm super nervous when it comes to lingerie boxes since sizing for different brands and styles are always so different but luckily this fits. Splendies doesn't make their own undies so I have no idea what brand this is but I know it's adorable! Price: ~$10.50

Navy/Pink Forever 21 Thong: I admit, I own quite a few items from Forever 21. The trick is to go into one of their massive stores (think NYC ones) since they have a huge array of stuff there and not just stuff for pre-teens but when I saw that this undie was from Forever 21 I thought, yea, right. Their sizing doesn't always coincide with real people. Surprise! It totally fits. Nice job, Splendies. Price: ~$3.80

Lacy White Boyshorts- Rose Intimates: These are adorable. Seriously, so cute. Nice fit as well and it did fine in the washer (I wash everything before trying on). I couldn't find Rose Intimates online but again, it's not a Splendies original. This company does what most sub services do and curate a box to get YOU the best value. Price: ~$12

Verdict: I seriously had to guesstimate (I estimate based on similar styles I find online) prices but I'd definitely say this box pays for yourself especially when you look at the cute things I got. This box totally fit my style and everything fit so I was a happy camper. I'm also still stoked that they created the Volupties box since I hate when every woman doesn't get to use a company/service! I may not be plus-sized but being a super tall female who is NOT some thin little thing (I've got curves and cellulite and all kinds of fun stuff), I know how frustrating it is when your size isn't accommodated. Alright, rant over. Anyway, check out Splendies with code SPLENDIES to save $4 and Volupties with code VOLUPTIES to save $5. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I received this box for free for review purposes. No other compensation was provided and opinions are 100% my own!


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