Monday, April 22, 2013

April Color Me Monthly Review

I decided to jump on the Color Me Monthly train last month when they were serving up a discounted deal! As this is a simple subscription with an eco-friendly vibe- it was fitting to post today aka Earth Day!

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Color Me Monthly:
Type: Nail Box
Cost: $7/month includes shipping
What is it?: Each month subscribers will receive a surprise nail color in the mail that is non-toxic and carcinogen-free, eco-Friendly, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. Their mission is to send out environmentally responsible products that are also the highest quality.

Nice quote- not that I don't like fancy packaging, of course. Also, Christmas Lane- hehe.

Ta-da! Wait- where's the goods!

The info card- nice and simple. Clear Skies Ahead is the polish color and in the upper left there is a swatch sticker.

Clear Skies Ahead!

It is a really lovely sky blue. I don't use swatch stickers on my polishes but it worked well for reviewing purposes!

Verdict: I know, I know, I didn't write much on this. It would be a bit much to write an essay on ONE bottle of nail polish. Anyway, this color is really nice- very spring-y. I have a similar color but this is a better formula. I LOVE all the eco-friendly stuff involved in their products and FYI they sell a base and top coat too. The surprise element to this box is nice and they seem to keep on-season with their colors. This is perfect for someone wanting just one polish to add to their supply each month. I didn't price this but based off of their top/base coats I would say this is at least a $7 bottle of polish! Considering it is shipped to your door for $7, this is on target. I'm getting another month of this box (I'm trying to TRY all the boxes I can) since I was late in canceling this box but I'm not complaining- this was a nice surprise in the mail AND I still get to use my discounted price! Hopefully I love next month's color too!


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