Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NatureBox Review

My first NatureBox! I didn't put in a month since I received this box in February but I'm pretty sure when subscribers start they just automatically get a "Discovery Box" with a bunch of their items as opposed to a monthly theme. Anyway, since I want to review ALL the boxes for you guys I used a $10 off promo code to get this box on the cheap!

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Type: Food Box
Cost: $19.95/month includes shipping
What is it?: Every month this snack food box sends out 5 full packages of healthy snacks that taste great. These all-natural snacks are nutritionist approved and if you are unhappy you can always get a full refund. Pausing/suspending a subscription is also available. Use my link and type in promo code SNACKHEALTHY for a $10 first box or BLOOM10 for $10 off too or FB50 should work too!

Unboxed! This box was literally stuffed full- no tissue paper or packing paper in this box- just goodies. The food was enough to keep it packed tight. 

This is a super informative info card! Info about all the treats and then on the opposite side there is social media info, a recipe, and then their referral program info. Btw if anyone takes advantage of the major deals they have right now and use my referral I get a free box! My only problem is their referral program isn't as stream-lined as most are. Inside of a link you can copy/paste, you have to use their template to share on FB, Twitter, etc, or email their template to someone directly. I by-passed this by e-mailing my Blog e-mail account to get the link address but still- I wish they made it easier for people to share.

Enough nonsense, let's see the food!

5 giant snack bags! They have about 4-5.5 servings in each (except the granola which had 2.5 servings). That's about 20 servings of snacks for less that $10 (with the coupon code). Now, I love Graze but it was nice to get some giant snack bags that go longer than one tasting.

Lone Star Snack Mix: This mix of mesquite almonds, cashews, and peanuts is a super fav of my bf. He REALLY likes them. I actually haven't tried them yet but I love nuts (sounds awful) so I was excited to see this! 

Masa Crisps: Hmmm. I wasn't thrilled to see these at first. Nothing against Masa but this looked a bit TOO healthy for my taste. The info card says this would be great with hummus and *poof* worries gone! I love a salty crisp (pita chip anyone) with Hummus.

Cranberry Almond Bites: These were probably the snacks I was most interested in when I unboxed. They look like tiny granola bars and are made with crispy rice, tart cranberries, and almonds. They are slightly pink from the cranberries and are cut up into perfect portion sizes.

*Update: These are AMAZING!!!!

Orange Crush Granola: This is the only "smaller" snack of the bunch and by smaller I mean less servings- it is just as big but as you all know granola packs a heavy punch in calories. We ate this bag though and it was delish. At first bite I wasn't thrilled- not enough taste or something but munch munch away and mmm so good! CJ and I ate pretty much the whole bag in one sitting.

Wild Berry Bunch: I can always go for some dried fruit and I love mixes and there are tons of berries in this one! I like to eat dried fruit alone but this would be great to be baked with (think muffins!) or on oatmeal, yogurt, you get the idea!

Verdict: Ok, ok, I didn't price this but I had no idea how to! I KNOW that this cost way more than $20 especially when you consider everything has no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, no trans fats, no partially hydrogenated oils, and no high fructose corn syrup. Think about buying these kinds of products at Whole Foods- how much would pay for 20 servings? Like $30-$40? Anyway, I planned on only getting the one box but now that I have it I may continue it (especially if I had referrals). The bf especially seems to like it- he gets healthy things to munch on! Try it yourself with one of the amazing codes Use my link and type in promo code SNACKHEALTHY for a $10 first box or BLOOM10 for $10 off too or FB50 should work too!

Disclaimer: Post contains referral/affiliate links.


  1. This box looks good! I was just charged for Healthy Surprise, so I cannot get it this month! I might get the $30, 10 bag option, next month, though! :D I'll use your link if I do!

    1. Thanks for thinking of my referral for the future! Healthy Surprise looks great too. Hope it's good!

  2. NatureBox showed up on my FB feed as an advertised link, so I searched for reviews and found your site! I will use you as a referral instead of the FB link! Thank you for the review!

  3. I did the exact same thing as the Lady above! Thank you for this awesome review, it definitely swayed me to purchase it (using your link!) Thanks again! :)

  4. Ditto & Ditto. I saw the FB ad and was intrigued and went on the search for reviews - thanks for the help! As a health-conscious & budget-conscious vegetarian this seemed almost too-good-to-be-true. Using your link!

  5. Same as the ladies above. I used your link instead of the facebook link and ordered my first box! I can't wait for it to arrive, it all looks so delicious and much better have around than the junk in my cupboard! & like Melissa, it was your review that swayed me.

  6. Do you know if these are gluten, soy and dairy free and vegan? I ordered boxes through Healthy Surprise because they are vegan and soy free. I am wondering if this company sends the same kind of ingredients. Please advice. I couldn't find anything on the website that states so.

  7. you got an awesome box... i hope mine has some of these


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