Friday, March 15, 2013

March HelloFlo Review

If you are a reader of my blog I'm sure you saw it looked like I went "time of the month" box crazy last month! When I started this blog I was really intrigued by these boxes especially since they are a new type of box- I even did a post all about these boxes here. I tried all the boxes and gave readers a look into each one to see which one was suitable for each person. All done!... And then a new T.O.M. box was launched- I added them to my list and then felt bad that I wasn't giving an equal view of their box- so I contacted the company for extra info and they sent me a box to see for myself!

I ordered the Medium Flo box since I thought it would give an accurate view of what you would get.

Type: T.O.M. Box
Cost: $14, $16, or $18/month depending on plan includes shipping
What is it?: Hello Flo gives you different plans for your T.O.M. based on your needs (from low- heavy). They work with Tampax and Always and send out a combo of pads and tampons as well as some pantyliners. The amount and type depend on your plan. They also promise to be discreet with the packaging AND add some treats inside as well. 

The box promises to be discreet, and wow- super discreet. I was going down the stairs with puppy when the postman showed up and handed me this box. I set it down on the stairs while I took out puppy and since I didn't check the name of the box I was so confused. I couldn't match up what I had gotten- the size of the box and packaging didn't match anything I knew. So confused. Super discreet. They say online it would be discreet enough to send to to your office or dorm and I completely agree.

Some background on what I ordered. The Medium Flo box is $16 and for periods lasting between 4-5 days. The site says there will be Regular tampons as well as pads and liners and extra treats. They also promise to ship to you so it will arrive 5 days prior to your T.O.M. I ordered this box to review and not on a schedule BUT they said they would send it on Monday or "next week" and I didn't think much about it but when I got it on Wednesday I was super impressed by the punctuality.

I'm not sure if it's a discreet thing or not but the supplies were wrapped so that when I opened the box I still couldn't tell what was inside.

The info card. You know the deal. This one says what's inside and describes what they provide. Which for me (who has tried all the boxes) really just tells me what makes this box different from other services- since yes, they are ALL different.

Here's my stuff all laid out. Everything was still hidden except for the Pads on the right. I knew what was inside after reading the card- so I should probably show it to you now.

Here is what makes this box different from other T.O.M. boxes. The first month of your HelloFlo service you will receive a handmade fabric box. The card says, "We hope you can use this to store your supplies." They didn't underline hope btw, I did. The idea behind this is to put your monthly supplies into this adorable box but you don't have to, either way you get a great fabric box. Price: ~$12

I LOVE this box! I will definitely use it to store everything. Since I tried all the T.O.M. boxes my bathroom cabinet has a weird conglomeration of supplies and I'm stoked to clean it up with this adorable box. I think it would be great to have another one for our guest bathroom for soaps and such- I think it would be super cute. Protection supplies: I got 7 liners, 6 pads (overnight and regular), 4 light tampons, and 21 regular tampons. I did get my brand of tampons (I don't use pads) which was lucky since this brand-new company only sends out Tampax Peal and Always right now but they plan to carry more brands as they grow.
Price: ~$9

My treats! They sent out Pocky sticks for some chocolate and Haribo Gummi Bears for those who are more candy girls. I love that they said this since I am a candy girl waaayy more than a chocolate girl. I always get chocolate cravings during my T.O.M. but I would choose candy over chocolate 9/10 times. Also, I love Pocky sticks. Price: $2.65

Verdict: Price-wise this company is a bit difficult to total. This box which is $16 is worth around $23.65. What makes this box hard to value is that the fabric box is a on-time thing meaning I don't think this subscription will have this price-tag each month. My only real problem with this box is the protection supplies options. I don't use liners/pads so it's a waste for me. I think this is the perfect box for someone who wants their supplies, a bit of a treat, and lots of discretion. This isn't necessarily about being spoiled but more about getting what you need. The treats were nice and would be a nice pick-me-up during your T.O.M. My fav thing was definitely the fabric box- I would never have thought to use something like that and I think it's a wonderful idea. Check out their site and see if it's right for you. 

 Disclaimer: I received this box for free but NOT in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and honest.


  1. I was waiting for a review on Hello Flo. I love the adorable fabric box. I have been storing everything in a boring plastic container... jury's still out for this box though.

    1. The fabric box is definitely the best part. After reviewing all TOM boxes at once I had an overflow of tampons and this box magically let all of it fit! It contained the same amount that 3 cardboard boxes was containing.

  2. I ordered this for my neices and their boxes were so cute I ordered it for myself. I'm anxiously awaiting my first package. The prices and options seemed to have changed since this review but what I really love is if you subscribe for 3 or 6 months they send sanitary products to a school age girl for a year in Kenya for an entire school year!


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