Friday, March 1, 2013

Loot Crate February Review

Yes, I know today is March 1st but I didn't have time before to write up this review/unboxing for Loot Crate! This was a super exciting box especially after the bf loved the first one so much. Anticipation galore in this household.

Type: Gamer Box
Cost: $13.37/month + $6 shipping
What is it?: Each month you receive 6-8 hand-picked products as well as having the option to win a $250 mega crate. This box is curated around a "geeky theme" helping you stay up all night playing video/computer games and show your gaming love to the world. This is my bf's box but we will be joint-reviewing it on the site. Use our referral link and save $3 using code 3OFF at checkout.

There was a bit of a delay this month since Loot Crate got brand new boxes and they weren't ready quite on time. They opened it up to their subscribers though, asking: Do you want your crate now or later (in the new box)? Responses via a FB poll were for the new box. It looks kind of trippy through a camera lens but it is pretty cool.

Loot Crate said this month's theme was DOCTOR so I definitely expected Doctor Who stuff and boom right with the unboxing there was the TARDIS. 

See? Doctor crate. Here's the info card. There is a message from Loot Crate on the back as well as a discount and photo contest. CJ (the bf) also got his official membership card in this box. I think the card is funny but cool- it shows which looter you are. 

On to the stuff!

GraphicLab Tees' TARDIS Prime shirt: Here's the shirt I saw peeking out when we opened the box. It's not just Doctor Who- it is a TARDIS transforming into Optimus Prime. Two things I would never have thought to put together. Definitely bringing different geekdoms together.

This was my favorite part. Stupid but I chuckled. The large seemed REALLY big and Loot Crate does what they can to match people with the right size shirt preference. CJ said it was fine because he likes big comfy T-shirts but...

There was no need to worry! It fit perfectly! It looked so big when held up but guess it's not. CJ may hate me for posting this especially since he had just come back from working at some sites, but look, he's smiling! Anyway, he wore it out and got a compliment straight away. Price: $15

Loot Crate Labs' Sharks Drink Cooler: This was a fun koozie from Loot Crate. How is it Doctor related? Do you not see the shark with a frickin' laser beam? Dr. Evil anyone? Clever job Loot Crate. 
Price:  ~$2

Epic Scents' Mega Man Air Freshener: CJ was excited to see this- he is a Mega Man fan. I can honestly say I had never even heard of Mega Man before CJ told me about it sometime into dating. I don't remember ever seeing it around in my childhood, but I know how it reminds CJ of his childhood awesomeness. Doctor theme? Mega Man was created by Doctor(!) Light and this is the 25th anniversary btw. CJ already has this hanging in this car. Price: $2.99

Walls360's Tetris Wall Heart: CJ's first response was, "wow- a sticker I would actually put on my computer!" That means a lot! He has a bunch of stickers like the 8-bit ones from last month's crate and breweries and such but they all go on this board he has not on any actual electronics! Tetris is just that great. This sticker is great because it is made to be removed and moved somewhere else over and over again. Loot Crate is having a photo contest of putting this on or next to something you can't live without- CJ has his on his computer he made next to his set-up of three giant monitors and his laptop- aka mega desk. This wasn't Doctor related but more for Feb and V-day. Price: $15

Harcos Labs' Caffeinated Brain Bits: Little boosts of sugary caffeine- just what every gamer needs. These kinds of products were in previous crates and there wasn't anything like it last month so it was and wasn't a surprise to see it this month. I tried one but that is all I would try- I am pretty CJ will use them. Brains make you smarter. Price: $1.95

J&D's Bacon Lip Balm: I've been to J&D's website before from other sites showing crazy bacon stuff- oh it's all for a laugh and what do you know? Now a product of theirs is in our home. So weird to me but CJ actually put it on and everything. It does smell like bacon. The info card says, "So what if Feb 14 has come and gone, bacon love lasts forever," awesome. Price: $3.99

The haul

Verdict: I tallied up a total of $40.93 in products in this box- over twice what we paid! The best part is that CJ loves everything is it! Three products are in use/have been used and two have already been tried out too. This is an amazing box that we love. CJ got a 3-month sub but we are planning to continue it after next month- if you sign up please use our referral link.

Side note: CJ ordered himself a 3-month sub and gifted his brother a 3-month sub at the same time for Christmas. I think it is super cute to see them call each other about the crate- his bro is 7 years younger and still in high school- Loot Crate brings together families! His bro's opinion by the way is that this month was awesome. 

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate/referral links.

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  1. I have been wearing Eric's t-shirt from this crate non-stop! Loved it.


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