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Le Parcel February Unboxing + Review

This is my 3rd T.O.M. box I am reviewing this month (I'm doing all 4). This last week I received Le Parcel:

Type: T.O.M. box
Cost: $15 + shipping
What is it?: This ladies only box is a new start-up with the tagline, "Nature's gift stinks, so we give you a better one." Every month Le Parcel sends out 30 protection products of your choice. You choose your favorite brand (from 5) and decide what and how many (if any) tampons, liners, and pads you want. Every box comes with a chocolate treat and a special gift product. The box is perfect for those who love organization as the box is actually a pull out tray with four separate sections for your protection, treat, and gift. You choose the date and will receive the box on that date. Check out their website to watch the adorable info video they have on their homepage. They have awesome infographs and mottos all over their site too (check out the logo above Le Parcel: Every Month Without Fail). Le Parcel has a great spin on turning your T.O.M. around. I used this coupon code: familyDBD, and received 30% off the first month (I ended up paying $15.50). Try out the code if you want to give this box a try too!

*First off, before I unbox- I can't tell for sure but it looks like shipping is now being offered for free.

A box within a box!
First off, let's talk about receiving this box. On the website, when you place your order, you put in a date for your package to be delivered BY the date you enter. This means your package will come on or before the date selected. I decided to order all my boxes way early and so for Le Parcel I selected my box to be delivered on the 6th of the month...
I received this package on the 8th...
Since I was planning to review this service, I contacted the company to ask about the lateness on the 7th.
They responded that my box got held up by the Post Office and would be on its way and that the tracking number on the website actually doesn't work. I received this response on the 9th. As in, a day after I received it...
So strange. Tried not to already be down on it BUT another blog review I read said they received their's late too. They didn't care much but obviously it isn't an isolated thing.

LATE and time of the month shouldn't go together...

Onto the actual box! I really, really love their design. It is adorable. Great packaging. One of the only ones I would re-use. I usually just recycle them- please fellow subscription addicts: RECYCLE!!

Now the grand opening!

Uhh... excuse my implied language but what the...

These may be the biggest letdown box unboxing I have done.

Let's clean this up at bit. 

Hmm. I'm confuddled. The truth is Le Parcel was the first T.O.M. box I ordered since I thought I would get the best value and would suit my needs the best. I've been looking up boxes more and company's FB pages, twitter, websites etc including the company Le Parcel. They are doing a huge campaign right now with Just the Right Bite- a cakepop store in CA- since they are featuring them in their box. I had just read someone posting about getting their Le Parcel box and how they devoured their cakepop. As a huge lover of cakepops- I was stoked! So... Uh... where's my cakepop? Ok. Full disclosure: the Lindor truffles weren't a shock- I had seen them in previous boxes but with the huge ad push with the cakepops I can't help it if I was surprised. But 1. I do love these little buggers and 2. Mmm milk chocolate. 2 Lindor truffles: Price: $0.62

With Le Parcel you get to pick 30 protection items of your choice and brand which was why I liked Le Parcel in the first place since I only use tampons. Obviously, this means your value in moolah will change dependent on what you choose. My box price value will be higher than someone who puts liners and pads in their box. Price: $6.22

Ok- so here is my beef with this box! Lip balm?!?! Lip balm! I paid $15+ for lip balm?? AHH! Let me catch you up on the Le Parcel "gifts" they have had in previous boxes: watches, necklaces, twistbands... I would sooo have rather had a pile of twistbands! The value of the gift has ranged throughout these boxes sure but still 6 twistbands are $10. Before I give the whopping price tag for this sucker let me air my grievances. First off, unless it is an amazing coupon or an actual credit to something I do not count coupons towards box value. Why? Because unless it is something I was already planning to buy, in the end the purchase will cost me MORE money not less. So the 20% coupon (which only is worth about $0.60 if you buy one thing) is not included in the price value. Two- I have a million and one lip items and any that I have gotten in a box are excellently colored or cost an arm and a leg because of their crazy mythical lip healing powers. This is just lip balm. Thanks but I've got my trusty Fresh chapstick (tinted and non-tinted) in my purse already. The big seller of this is the champagne scent. Don't get me wrong I LOVE a good etsy buy and nothing against thegnarlywhale, it's just I am paying a company to give me something I could have gotten cheaper directly from you! And a gift to spoil you is NOT lip balm. Price: $3.50

Verdict: If you could't already tell I was not pleased with my experience. With a 30% off coupon code I bought this box at about $15.50 and received $10.34 in product value. I guess the actual box cost a bunch of money??? That means I lost out on $5 WITH a coupon code. Now, if I had gotten some great things the value of the box wouldn't have mattered to me BUT I didn't get anything thrilling or special. #2 excuse: at least I had my protection stuff delivered to me instead of having to go to the store or find out on my special day that I had run out- right? Well, that is true, but only because I ordered the box to arrive super early. If I had actually ordered the box on "my time" then when it arrived late, to the store I go, defeating the entire purchase. 

I think what sums it up best is that I canceled my subscription within 30 minutes of opening the box. 

This isn't to say they must all be this bad and truthfully if I had the money to spend I could see myself waiting a couple months and trying again IF there weren't other stellar protection boxes out there like Juniper and My Cotton Bunny (or T.O.M. box 28dayhug). 

If you decide to sub or already have, let me know your experience. Also, for those with periods that don't come every month this subscription allows skipping months- just FYI.

OK- totally random but my bf did a little project and has set me up a new place to take photos- look at the ones he took of the chapstick:



  1. That's too bad... I actually loved my box. I received a cakepop that was just heavenly. I think it depends what time of the month you ordered on what you get... you may have gotten the cakepop next time. And if you were to order that lip balm yourself you would pay $6 for it by the way, because the shipping on one lip balm is $2.50. Since you can't go pick it up in a shop you have to add that to the value.

    1. That's the thing though- I didn't the get the cake pop so I wasn't too stoked. I don't add in shipping when I price things but I understand you saying it would cost $6- doesn't change my opinion though since to me I would never pay $6 for that product especially when a $2 blistex is even better. When you compare a chapstick to other gifts like a watch or necklace it is pretty hard to not be disappointed.

  2. I just reviewed this box too...I was NOT impressed.

    1. Unimpressed- AND you even got the cake ball! Try My Cotton Bunny- great value and if you really want to be spoiled try Juniper- check out my posts for a way to try a box of Juniper.

  3. This box looks bad. None of them seem like a good value, but from what I've seen, My Cotton Bunny looks best.

    1. I definitely recommend My Cotton Bunny- it was my fav especially for the price. I also really loved Juniper. Check out my posts on each if you haven't already. You can also try Juniper for free.

  4. I tried Le Parcel - horrible! They charged me for 2 months and the box arrived 2 weeks after I requested.. And it only arrived because I contacted customer service and they said it was because I used an unauthorized promo code.

    The box was the same one you reviewed here. When I opened it - there were bits of cake pop and sprinkles everywhere and worst of all, all over the unwrapped pantiliners in the box. Needless to say, I had to throw those away, I don't think cake and sprinkles all over your feminine products is very sanitary. Also, even without cake, I think the idea of unwrapped pantiliners a little gross. Individually wrapped pads and tampons - OK, unwrapped- not OK.

    I just signed up for Juniper box and their customer service has already been amazing so I hope this experience turns out better. I'm almost even...excited for my period. That's a strange feeling.

    Thanks for your reviews, I find them very helpful.

    1. I'm glad you like the reviews! And eww unwrapped pantyliners covered in food- I'm sorry but that is disgusting. I can't believe they would even allow that!

      I'm glad you signed up for Juniper! I hope you used me as a referral (or anyone you know who gets it) so you got a free box! Their customer service has been beyond amazing for me- which really makes a difference with how you view a company.

  5. Somehow deleted a comment so I'm reposting it:

    Stacie Seidman has left a new comment on your post "Le Parcel February Unboxing + Review":

    Same experience! The first month the box was supposed to arrive on the 15th. Which was before I needed but knowing my mail carrier, I decided to give some flex time. It first left the Le Parcel facility on the 15th. I got it on the 18th. Worked out ok since I planned ahead, but still. Did get the cake pop (it was delicious) and the chapstick. And I had the same response, "WTF? I have a million of these". But everything was nicely packaged, so I figured I'd try it another month. (Also, as a side note, they do still charge shipping, so it's 20 bucks a month.)
    This month, still supposed to arrive on the 15th. I got it today. Problem was, needed it YESTERDAY (which was the 19th). Sent a message yesterday to customer service. Haven't heard back. Got a nice Pura Vida bracelet this month. They are valued at $5.00. I love Pura Vida, so that made me happy. But overall this box is NOT worth the money. I'm thinking of trying My Cotton Bunny next month instead. I do like being able to get a variety instead of just one item since I use a few different products, but not enough to stay with them. Bummer!

    1. Stacie if you see this- I'm sorry you had a bad experience too! I keep hearing bad stories about LP and especially their customer service. Def give MCB a try- they are great! You can also try Juniper for free by listing me as your referral.

    2. Thanks for the tips! Also, love your reviews!

  6. Wow , my box was scheduled to arrive feb 19th & wasn't even shipped until feb 24th... Making it arrive march 10th !!!!!!
    Very upset with their customer service as well. I cancelled right away. Really mad at how they treated me as well.


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