Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Bugsy's Box Review

Henry (our yorkie-poo) is crazy spoiled. So, imagine his excitement (and ours) when he got another box filled with treats and toys this month. To say he was going crazy during the unboxing is an understatement. He can smell the awesomeness and he wants it! Anyway, I've always wanted to try Bugsy's Box so when they offered me a trial- I, of course, said yes. I'm such a sucker for treating Henry and this box helped me do just that!

My pup is adorable!!

... even when in need of a groom!

December Tea Sparrow Review + Coupon Code

I am SOO excited to share this new box! Gah! I wish this was in person! Smell-o-vision would come in handy right now. These are some of the best smelling teas... ever! Oh, and 60% off discount link- yes, please!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Movie List!

'Tis the season!! So, I've been absent for about a week and it's Christmas Day which should mean no posts but my mind was focused on this topic! I was in CO for a week rehearsing and performing Handel's Messiah while driving all around the state visiting fam and friends. Tiring! It also meant not doing any usual Christmas-y season stuff aka watching awesome seasonal movies! When it comes to Halloween there is Hocus Pocus or Thanksgiving brings movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles but Christmas takes the cake with a plethora of offerings.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dear Santa...

I know I'm very sub box review (and beauty stuff too) focused but I like to switch it up with my own stuff! I've been busy making some moolah during the Holiday season and practicing/learning music for an upcoming mood and I haven't put in much time to do my posts (on my awesome subscriptions)! I HAVE been thinking about the upcoming Holidays and today I put up a letter to Santa on my Facebook page (my personal page) and I thought it'd be fun to share here!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October + November Juniper Review

It's with a heavy heart that I picked what reviews to do today. Juniper, one of my fav T.O.M. boxes AND food boxes has closed its doors. Lynn (the CEO) announced the closing on Dec. 4th and I will definitely miss my treat-filled boxes! Since you can no longer order this box I didn't know if I should post my 2 reviews but the completionist in me had to post both- PLUS these yummy boxes are fun to look at. No pricings since it didn't seem necessary at this point. Enjoy.
October 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fall FabFitFun Review + Coupon Code + Spoilers

It's a ways back but in September I was drooling over the Fall FabFitFun spoilers! I was checking my bank account so I could get in on this sub box magnificence and I was offered this box to review. Umm, yes please, and thank you very much! It lived up to it's awesomeness AND the spoilers for the Winter box (still have time to order!) are looking awesome. Check it all out! 

October Flicker Box Review + Coupon Code

It's a niche Giveaway so good chances people!
So, this review was going to be my first one of October... Woah, kinda messed up on that, right?!!? I LOVE candles and let me tell you, they are more than just decorative when your power is out! I wanted to try Flicker Box so badly and then I screwed up with my hiatus! Argh! Well, no time like the present! Take a look at this AWESOME sub box and get in on this product!
 I mean, who doesn't want to be bundled up inside, drinking cocoa, and eating baked goods, watching a good Holiday flick (got about 10 on my to-do list right now), bathed in the warm light of some delicious-smelling candles?!? Paints a pretty nice picture, am I right?!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

October Phone Case of the Month Review + Coupon + Giveaway!

Again, yes, I am drowning in reviews! Let's just say the number is somewhere around 60?? Geez. What do I want to do today? How about a super cute one I was always dying to share! Throw in a unique coupon code! And a giveaway too?!? Done!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Limited Edition Birchbox Snow Day Review

I have sooo many boxes to catch up on and review and I do not have any kind of a system. Stupid I know, but sometimes I just do whatever strikes my fancy that day! We are in the middle of icemageddon here in Dallas so this Snow Day Box from Birchbox seemed to tie in perfectly!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Julep Review

Julep is one of my favorite boxes. It's like a loyal friend- I always know it's gonna be good. It's also usually one of the first boxes I receive each month (if not the first one)! I'll go back and do Oct/Nov at some point but let's check out December's box! I upgraded to the full collection this month for the first time ever!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Wantable Accessories Review

Wantable is having an AMAZING Cyber Monday deal with all boxes BOGO aka getting your second box free!!! Yes, FREE! That's a $36 savings! This Wantable deal works for the Beauty Box, Accessories Box, and Intimates Box so if I was you I'd sign up for ALL of them- I subscribe to all three and they rock my socks off! The new Wantable Intimates box has been especially great (every one I've gotten has been great- I'm wearing a shirt from my November box in an outfit now!) and the Accessories boxes can be really great!!

With this deal I thought my return to reviewing should start with one of my latest Wantable boxes (I'll go back and write ones for Nov/Oct later) to show off how awesome this brand is and to jump on this deal!

This box was awesome btw!!

Cyber Monday Makeup Giveaway!!!

I've been away a while- almost two whole months!! Honestly, it got to a point where I didn't know where to start and so I avoided the situation... that was like 3 weeks ago! I think I'll just start reviewing away- it'll be craziness. I'm crazy behind and feel awful (especially about my "for review" boxes) and I haven't even been replying to my e-mails and such!!!

What to do for today?!?! A little giveaway! I couldn't decide on what but then I saw Tarte's Cyber Monday stuff and found a perfect little gift!!

pure delights 8-piece LipSurgence™ lip set -
It's an 8-piece mini LipSurgence Lip Tint set.
I ALWAYS say my tarte liptints are my favorite (because it's true!) and so I'm giving an early Holiday gift to a reader who is loyal enough to still see my posts!!
Just comment on my FB page (here) and be online to Message me your address around 6 PM Central Time (7 ET, 5 MT, 4 PT)
YES, that's early but I have work tonight and wanna make sure I get this sent out!!
Here's the details: 
A limited-edition 8-piece deluxe LipSurgence™ lip set.
Includes 8 deluxe LipSurgences™ in this season’s hottest new shades:
• 4 LipSurgence™ matte lip tints: glee (watermelon), cheerful (coral), destined (raspberry), generous (pinkish nude)
• 4 LipSurgence™ lip tints: believe (warm pink), grateful (nude), lovely (mauve pink), enamored (cool red)
Retail value: $32.50

Again, just comment on my FB to enter- you can repost on the comments here that you entered too- I'll ship it directly to you (free sample included). 
I know this isn't my usual format for giveaways but it seemed very Cyber-y and fitting and fun so go with the flow!! 

Cyber Monday Deals

Check out these Cyber Monday deals!!! Good Stuff!! Please use my links!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Pretty Power Box Review

My last September box! This one came just under the wire- on September 30th! Pretty Power Box is full of hand-made products and on-the-go items and is always chock full of surprises. I love how fun unboxing is each time! Check out the goods this month!

Pretty Power Box:
Type: Lifestyle Box
Cost: $15/month
What is it?: Pretty Power Box is the subscription box for the female entrepreneur! The mission of Pretty Power Box is to encourage young female entrepreneurs to live a healthy work-life balance. So in each box you'll find entrepreneurial/office items, beauty items, healthy choice items, and items made from small business. Each box will be a combination of popular name brand items as well as items from smaller businesses.

The box is wrapped each time but that's unexciting compared to the actual decorated box!


First look at everything!

Tide to go Pen: I used to always have one of these on me and I think as time has gone on I have become less and less prepared. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite? As you grow up you are more prepared? Anyway, these buggers work GREAT! And I am soo that person who spills on every shirt. Thanks for this! 
Price: $3.33

Naked Garden- Jasmine Solid Perfume: I have one solid perfume stick and I love it so I was excited to see this little jar. Naked Garden provides vegan and organic products including these mini perfume jars. The scent is very spa-like and clean. I approve. Price: $2.50

Fiber One- Protein Caramel Nut Bar: I love fiber one bars and these protein ones are pretty great. Yes, these are something I buy on my own at times. PPB always includes a common snack and this inclusion is great. It will be eaten, and eaten soon. Price: $0.56

Don't Give A Hoot- Washcloth Travel Pouch: I love this! One, it's in my fav color and is pretty much the same washcloth as the one I use on my vanity (for makeup and such). Two, it will come in super handy!I have toiletries or brushes or something that is messy or wet all the time when I'm traveling- this will be perfect. From Don't Give A Hoot- this product is simple and cute! Price: $3.99

Faith, Soaps, & Love- Lemon Drop Cookie Scented Soap Samples: These smell soo good. I got two samples (same scent) and they smell amazing and are the perfect guest room soaps. Nice addition from the Faith, Soap, & Love etsy shop. Price: $1.50

Simple Delights- Watermelon Chapsticks: Simple Delights is an etsy shop specializing in party favors, gift-giving, and pampering. These ones smell just like Sour Patch Watermelons and they make me want to eat the chapstick and watch a movie (yaknow movie candy?). It's like a sweet treat in chapstick form. 
Price: $1.67 

SOM Creations- Chap Stick/USB Holder: I think this is my third personalized item I've gotten this September from subscription boxes! I don't know what's in the air but I love it! At first I thought this was a personalized keychain which was sweet but I don't put anything on my keychain but keys then I saw it was a holder! Woah- genius. My purse is flooded with lip products and I always dig around for 10 minutes before finding chapstick. Problem solved. And I love the personalized touch- I really do. I mean, purple is my fav color- even better! Nice addition from SOM Creations! Price: $4.50

Holding my new chapstick!

Verdict: There wasn't jewelry this month and it wasn't the fullest box but it is one of favorites! It's just a bunch of delicate touches to add to your daily life! It's wonderful. I'm gonna get use out of every item AND there was even a product made just-for-me! Love it all! The value this month was over $18 which is over the price of the box AND as someone who has been buying etsy stuff recently, I can say this is missing the huge value of not paying for all that shipping! This box was really fun and I can't wait until the next box of surprises! Check it out yourself at Pretty Power Box!

Disclaimer: This box was provided for review reasons. All opinions are 100% my own!

FabFitFun Second Spoiler!

FabFitFun released a second spoiler and now I am SOO exctied about this next box. If you missed it I posted about the first sneak peek before but it is this gorgeous Gorjana canary scarf that is worth $57!!

Yes, FYI, I am receiving this box and it was the scarf that made me want it so badly!

Anyway, there was a second spoiler sent out today:

From FabFitFun: "Drumroll please! Our fab fall box also includes a full size bottle of Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam. What’s so great about it? Let us count the ways.
It’s brought to you by the renowned Bliss Spa found in the fab W Hotels. Our BFFs (#ifonly) Oprah, Julia Roberts, J.Lo, and Madonna have all zenned out here so we know we’re in good company. Their famous revitalizing Triple Oxygen Treatment is to die for and leaves your skin with that perfect red carpet (or Instagram selfie) glow." 

It's worth $28 bringing the total up to $85 already with only two products listed!! 

Sign up for FabFitFun now!

I'm in on this one- who else is?

Disclaimer: post contains affiliate links.

September Wantable Makeup Review

I'm a Wantable kick right now! Getting my Wantable reviews up AND deciding on whether or not to take the plunge with the Wantable Halloween Box (see post here) which is still available to buy! Anyway, time to review Wantable's first box- their makeup box! Some great items this month!

Type: Beauty Box
Cost: $36/month includes shipping ($40 box w/o subscription)
What is it?: Like other boxes, this subscription sends out 4-6 items each month but unlike others the 4-6 items are all FULL-SIZE. These top-quality products are curated by professional makeup artists and hair stylists and are selected for you based on your personal style profile. Application advice on each product is included and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed motto they include free shipping AND free returns. Please use my link to sign up!

Zee box!

Info card (with my personal quiz preferences listed on top)

First look!

Btw Wantable uses foam now for packaging- it keep everything from getting smushed and cracked- nice!

My products (sans extra product) in pretty packaging!

Japonesque- Angled Foundation Brush: This is a really great brush. I (suprisingly) don't have anything like it in my collection and it will be great for building coverage. It's travel-sized which is a meh feature to me since I'm gonna bring my brushes traveling no mater what but it's a nice touch for women who want travel brushes. Price: $25

My desk was so dusty from unboxing packages when I took this pic!

Cailyn Cosmetics- Gel Eyeliner in Fall Night: This is my only letdown product from this month's Wantable box. It's happened before and it's my fault... Let me explain: I don't wear brown eyeliner but the quiz only asks if you like neutral colors... I like black... I contacted Wantable and they said they don't have the option yet for brown or black liner on the quiz but if I don't want brown eyeliner I can e-mail them when I get alert that they are curating my box... I forgot. It's hard to remember all the box stuff I do each month and thus, I got brown liner. Even though I love eyeliner I think I'll "dislike" it so this doesn't happen anymore. Cailyn is a great eyeliner brand so I'll gift this to someone! Price: $21

WhipHand- Lip Hit Long Wear Lip Veneer Entice: I've never heard of this brand before but it's so cool. Most lip products like this have a bristled end but this had a flexible applicator, like a mini spatula- it's genius. I like this color- not too dark or too neutral. This makes me super interested in this brand! 
Price: $20

Beauty for Real- Miracle Mascara in Very Black: A new amazing mascara! YEAH!! I'm sorry the pic is dusty (unboxing creates a fine layer of dust on my desk) but this is a great mascara! It goes on well and creates volume! Yes!! Best part? It has a mirror on the side! I had a fiber mascara that I kept in my purse with a mirror on it and it was a lifesaver- the mascara has gone bad so I thought I'd replace it with this one... but it's such a great mascara I want to use it daily! Super win on Wantable's part. I wanted a great new mascara and they delivered! Price: $23

Lise Watier- Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample: Wantable always throws in extras in their makeup boxes and they are usually pretty great. This one was 6 eyeshadow samples. Umm- win! I love the colors too so it's perfect for me.

Verdict: So, I love the mascara and the lip gloss is great which already pays for the box PLUS the brush is a fantastic add for me. The eyeliner was a bummer but again, my fault. The eyeshadows were a great bonus too! This wasn't my favorite Wantable makeup box but I think some quiz changed will fix that right up. My favorite all-time lipgloss came from a Wantable box (my cargo amazingness) and so I'm hoping this beaute with follow in the same footsteps. Altogether I received $89 in merchandise and that doesn't include my sample eyeshadows. Love it! 

Check out Wantable yourself- all kinds of awesomeness available including their great (and original) makeup box!

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.
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